About Us

What We’re About

Our company is dedicated to sharing information with YOU on the latest tech products. All tech products reviewed on this site have been personally used by us who personally like to share our experiences, thoughts, and suggestions. Educating people in the world on simple tech tips, solutions, best practices is also our second mission on this site.


About Me


Hi, my name is Steven Espinosa. I am the creator of CTRL ALT PC. I have an 8 Year background in the IT Field working for a large Aerospace company. Helping people has always been in my nature and my passion as well. Over the past 3 years, I have come to the realization that working in my chosen career of IT has me at a crossroad. Somewhere along the way, I had a shift in my perspective in working for a company and helping a few people every day to wanting to help people by the masses. How is this possible? With the help of being inspired by others who have successfully built a life and a name for themselves using the internet to market services and education, I felt empowered to create this site.

My Mission

It is my mission to provide the best tech reviews of the latest tech products and create a platform for people of all ages to learn and empower themselves to embrace technology. So many individuals are out there wanting to learn. I believe that I can help so many on the beaten path to engage themselves in the technology field by sharing the knowledge I have gained over the last 8 years in my profession. I’m dedicated to learning and also teaching others tips to help you understand technology and look forward to building a community with you as you find yourself in this platform or just want to appreciate the knowledge that’s shared.